Thank you so much for my beautiful arrangement! The flowers were perfect. - J.F.

My flowers I got yesterday were BEAUTIFUL! Y'all did a great job! Thanks!  -A.H.

 "I received a beautiful bouquet from work from An Empty Vase. I could tell that they took their time on
the arrangement and did not just throw it together. I have received flowers from them a few different times,
and have always loved what they deliver. They seem to pride themselves on quality product and personal
service. I also always use them when I send flowers. I'm definitely a repeat customer! Love the small town
feel and attention to detail An Empty Vase provides!" -C.G.

 Received the following quick message from a client today following her grandfather's funeral... "All of the flowers were amazing. Great job!"

Thank You all at "An Empty Vase" for your help in making a special young ladies birthday,
extra special! She was absolutely THRILLED to tears with the two arrangements you put together
for her and delivered to her today. Thanks to the extremely patient and helpful woman that helped
me place my order at the last possible moment last night. Ashlee's mother said the "Pup-Cak...e in
Bloom" that Ashlee received "looked soooo much better than the one in the picture" on the website!!!
I thought the one in the picture was pretty darn cute, so I was very pleased to hear that! She was equally
thrilled with the other arrangement with the birthday balloon. I can't thank all of you enough for your extra
effort in getting them delivered to her as early as possible so she would not be waiting all day at her moms
job wondering why she was there! It says a lot about your business that you would go out of your way for one
seemingly insignificant customer. Thanks for making me come out smelling like a rose!

"I have to say you guys are the best flower shop in the world!!!! I have ordered flowers many times,
but have NEVER received service like today. My daughter has downs and my good friend called at the
last minute and ask you to put something special together for her, for my daughters 27 birthday and you
guys did it. It was great. You and my friend made her day!"